Society Accounting Software

The Society Accounting Software (SA4WIN) (LAN Version) is a truly multiuser parameterised menu driven package for computerising the Accounting & Billing activities of a co-operative housing society. It allows simultaneous entry of data & viewing of reports from two or more


It has Society, Account, Group, & Parameter Masters. It has Receipts, Payments, Journals, Bills, Debit Note, Credit Note, Member Receipt & Adjustments transaction entry. Users can start by defining accounting heads, then the heads which are used for billing purpose are defined in the parameter file this allows amounts for all these heads to be accepted for each members. Once this member master is made, Bills can be automatically generated from this master, this saves lot of time in terms of data entry and is the back bone of the package. After the generation of bills, the receipts can be entered. It prints the bills, receipts, debit note, credit note & vouchers. It generates Trial Balance, Income & expenditure, Balance Sheet, Receipt & Payment Account & MIS. Flexible interest calculation is available (simple / compound). Although bill generation option is available, bills can also be entered / modified one by one.


Multiple Society Accounting
User Defined Access rights based on User Name & Password.
Parameter File for each Society
Account Master with User Defined Main, Sub Group, Previous Year, Opening Balance, Running Balance, Cheque layout for Bank Accounts, Name, Address, Phone
Journal / Receipt / Payment / Bill / Debit Note / Credit Note entries.
Bank Reconciliation Entry
Automatic Calculation of Interest (Both Simple & Compound)
Automatic Update of Bills from master file (Monthly/Quarterly)
On-line Calculator, Calendar, Manual, & Std. Description
User Defined Date Format, Colors, Printer Setting & Ports.
Reports on 80/132 col Printer with Screen/Printer/Disk option also Scrolling & Panning facility.
Copy utility for copying Masters, Opening balances from previous years file.
Update Utilities to Update The Member Charges
Consolidate Utility to Consolidate Multiple Buildings A/c.
Data Management for Import / Export of Data.
Automatic Rebuilding of Masters from Transactions.


Account List
General, Members Ledger
Cash & Bank Book(s)
Journal / Receipts / Payments Register
Receipt / Payment Voucher Printing
Bank Slip Printing
Trial Balance
Income & Expenditure Account (Vertical / T Format)
Balance Sheet (Vertical / T Format)
Receipt & Payment Account
Bank Reconciliation Report
Overdraft Interest calculations with flexible % & round off
Receipts/Payments >= Amount Report
Documents Bills / Credit Note / Debit Note / Receipts
Members List (Arrears / Head Wise / Interest / Transfer)
Members Ledger (Bills / Credit Notes / Debit Notes / Receipts / Adjustments)
Members Account
Members Letter (Balance Confirmation / Notice)
Member Labels for Outstation Members
Interest Calculation Report