(PR4WIN) (Lan Version)

The Payroll System (PR4WIN)(LAN Version) is a truly multiuser parameterised menu driven package for computerising the payroll of multiple company with multiple locations. It allows simultaneous entry of data & viewing of reports from two or more computers.


It has Company, Location, Department, Employee & Holiday Masters. It has Muster, Payslip, Receipts, Payments, PF & ESIC transaction entries. The Masters are used in generating/entering payslip. After which all reports including payslip, salary register, leave status report & forms can be printed. It has a Payslip ‘Y/N’ facility. In Payslip ‘Y’ mode user has three options. In the First Option user can start entering the payslip entry for each employee. In the Second Option user can use the generate (direct) option to update all payslip simultaneously. In the Third Option user can create a Muster, then change the Muster & then use generate (muster) option to update all payslip from the muster. In the Payslip ‘N’ Mode it accepts only ESIC & PF entries and is useful for consultants.